Liz Stelmach Enhancement Systems for Jay Michael Salon

Liz Stelmach Enhancement Systems

Philadelphia Style Magazine


“Never give up hope, never doubt, never tire and never become discouraged…never be afraid.”

Liz Stelmach is all about DON’T LET ANYTHING STAND IN THE WAY OF HOW YOU WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL! And what are her clients saying? “I wasn’t born with this hair, thanks Liz, for not letting that stop me! Liz is the originator and inventor of the Stelmach Hair Enhancement System, with over 25 years of international experience in hair augmentation. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind hair enhancement and extensions technique for hair expansion with incredible designs of breathtaking length, incomparable styles and striking colors to create the BEAUTIFUL, BELIEVABLE YOU!

She travels frequently to Florida, California and abroad to Europe to attend conferences for new resources in this fifield of hair enhancement and replacement specialists. A celebrated stylist herself, you will fifind Liz on the Main Line with her team of successful proteges, who she is most proud of. Imitations don’t turn heads! Be good to yourself, dare to be different, relax, have fun, enjoy life, meet Liz!.

Philadelphia Style Magazine, Fall2020

Liz Stelmach has decided to bring her Enhancement Systems and her enhancement specialists over to Jay Michael Salon. Her dedication to her system and art continues here at Jay Michael. From extensions to full hair pieces Liz and all of the enhancement specialist can make you feel exceptional.

Call 610-964-0800 to today schedule a consultation with Liz or an enhancement specialist. Let us help you feel your best. All consultations are done in a private room for your comfort.

Voted Best of the Main Line Hair Enhancements 2001, 2012, 2013!

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