Hair Services


Women’s Cut | Starts at $55

*Women’s cut’s include a wash, cut, and blow-dry

Woman’s Cut by Jay Michael | $150

*Women’s cut’s include a wash, cut, and blow-dry

Men’s Cut | Starts at $35

Blow Out | Starts at $45

Blow Out w/Curls or Flat Iron | Starts at $70


*Color services do not include a finish

Single Process | Starts at $85

Single Process Hairline | Starts at $45

Single Process with Highlights | Starts at $185

Single Process with Gloss/Toner | Starts at $120

Double Process | Quoted Upon Consultation

Balayage Hair Painting | Starts at $150

Full Highlights | Starts at $150

Partial Highlights | Starts at $125

Face-Framing Highlights | Starts at $50

Gloss or Toner | Starts at $35

Corrective Color Quoted Upon Consultation




Gold Line | $95

Indulging Hydration: Deeply hydrates for exceptional vibrancy and velvety-soft hair. Includes a 4 week home care kit with results up to 5 weeks!
Illuminating Glow: Enriches the hair for a brilliantly radiant, illuminating shine. Includes a 4 week home care kit with results up to 5 weeks!
Vitalizing Dimension: Revitalizes the hair to leave it supple, strong, and full of life. Includes a 4 week home care kit with results up to 5 weeks!

Signature | $75

Repair: This professional 4-step deep conditioning treatment is specially designed to strengthen and rebuild damaged, over-processed hair. Includes a 4 week home care kit with results up to 5 weeks!
Anti-Frizz: This lightweight 3-step deep conditioning treatment is masterfully formulated to effectively de-frizz the hair while protecting blowouts and styles from high humidity. Includes a 4 week home care kit with results up to 5 weeks!
Smoothing: This professional 3-step deep conditioning treatment immediately improves hair’s texture, leaving it silky-smooth. Formulated for fine, medium, and coarse hair. Includes a 4 week home care kit with results up to 5 weeks!


60 Second Conditioning | $15

Bond Pro: For weak, fragile hair.
Repair: For dry to damaged hair.
Blondes & Highlights: For blonde and highlighted hair (both color and non-colored). Restore hair to 100% and neutralize unwanted yellow tones.
Just Smooth: For unruly, frizzy hair.

Intense Leave-In Serum | $25

Color: Shine on! Known for its UV filter and light-reflecting agents. For fine to medium hair.
Blondes & Highlights: Love your blonde! Cooling factors keep blonde hair beautiful & bright.
Just Smooth: Goodbye Frizz! Known for its moisturizing and smoothing effects.
Rich Repair: Restore & Repair! For instant regeneration and up to 95% less breakage.
Ultra Volume: Pump up the volume! Weightlessness and strength for fine hair.
Curly Twist: Curly Hair Don’t Care! Known for its elasticity, bring bounce back to your curls!

Bond Pro+ | $25-35*

Hair looks and feels significantly healthier and relitalized. Strengthens the hair fiber & supports bond stability while preventing breakage caused by common coloring treatments.
* $35 for the stand alone treatment, $25 with a color service!


Fibre Clinix | $40

Return your hair fiber back to its optimal health. Advanced bonding technology strengthens the hair structure from within. Featuring a tri-valent ion, this treatment results in hair that is up to 10x stronger. Customize this treatment to your own hair needs with the included booster!
Fortify: For damaged and over-processed hair, Fortify contains Niacinamide, which helps strengthen and nourish the hair fiber.
Hydrate: For dry and brittle hair, Hydrate uses Squalane Complex to balance hair’s moisture level and increase elasticity.
Volumize: For fine and weak hair, the Volumize formula uses Phytokine to make hair both lightweight and full.

BlondME Detoxifying System | $45

Chemically processed blonde hair is more vulnerable to pollution, dust, and hard water, resulting in brassy or a slightly greenish tone. This blonde recovery regimen revives and protects bright blonde hair while leveraging the power of freshly mixed Vitamin C to keep hair looking healthy! 

BlondME Wonders Gold Mask | $50

Suitable for all blonde clients looking to achieve luminous, shiny-looking hair. Available either as an upgrade to a color service or as a stand alone salon service in between color appointments.  


Split End Correction | $35

Utilizing a bio-reparative complex, Split End Correction rebuilds and fortifies weakened fibers, helping to defend against cuticle cracking to prevent tears before they start. A proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™  fills in and helps bind broken fibers together, instantly mending split ends.

Rewind | $50

Instantly prevent and correct the signs of aging hair for up to 10 washes. Brazilian Blowout Rewind takes years off maturing hair by utilizing clinically proven actives combined with isolated plant proteins to effectively rebuild each strand from the inside out. Rewind restores look, feel, and manageability to create glossy, resilient, and noticeably more youthful hair. 


CBD 3-in-1 Molecular Mender Treatment | $55

Instantly An intense professional reparative and preventative service that instantly reconstructs damaged hair, infuses anti-humectant properties, and seals split ends to deliver long-lasting results for up to 10 washes. 



Keratin Complex

Reduce frizz and curl for 4-6 weeks by penetrating the cuticle with Keratin. This leaves the hair smoother, silkier, shinier, and easier to style.
Express Blowout: Typically a 1 1/2 hour service
Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (NKST): Typically a 2-3 hour service


A water-based spray-on formula containing the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market. Lasio treatments produce a lightweight finish while also hydrating, repairing, and protecting hair strands. The treatment deposits keratin and gentle conditioners into the hair cuticles, which are then sealed to lock in moisture and produce a brilliant natural shine. Varieties include One Day, Color Pro, Mocha Silk, and Tropic (formaldehyde free).
Hairline: Typically a 30 minute-1 hour service
Half: Typically a 1 1/2-2 hour service
Full: Typically a 2-3 hour service

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout uses breakthrough technology, which improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to reduce frizz and smooth the cuticle, resulting in smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine. 
Hairline: Typically a 30-45 minute service
Express: Typically a 1-2 hour service
Half: Typically a 1 1/2-2 hour service
Full: Typically a 2-3 hour service

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal Reconditioning is an innovative technique from Japan to make frizzy, curly or wavy hair straight, while still preserving the hair’s health. Almost always, Thermal Reconditioning will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it completely manageable! It works on most hair types, with the exception of African hair. The cost for Thermal Reconditioning ranges from $650 and up, depending on hair thickness, the amount of chemical processing present and the stylist’s experience. 

You must schedule a free consultation before you can book this procedure. Typically a 4-6 hour service


We are certified in Babe, Hot & Cold Fusions, and Great Lengths Extensions!

You must book a free consultation before scheduling any extension service. Service time may vary.
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